Kelly Gallagher-Shannon

Kelly Gallagher-Shannon has worked with children and adults of all ages in different environments for over 35 years.  She has taught in the public school system, directed education programs in the Church for all ages and owned and operated her own  Martial Arts Educational Center  for 17 years.  Through her experiences of working with people of all ages in different situations, she has seen what is needed most:  People of all ages and culture need to feel safe and confident.  Kelly has methods of teaching to  help people progress at their own pace while developing a drive which will empower them to achieve in all  areas of their lives.

Kelly has rescued animals since she was a child and has volunteered at shelters as well as worked as a Veterinary Assistant.   Having horses, dogs and cats of her own, her soft spot and passion is to protect the most vulnerable.  Right now she rescues cats and kittens and has them spayed/neutered, shots and care.  She has built a small cat sanctuary  for her personal cats and has a safe haven for free roaming cats to go and be fed.  She is a strong advocate for TNR (trap, neuter and release) to keep the feral population down in neighborhoods.  She works with other rescues to save stray dogs on the streets of Miami.  Her goal to build a Heart Harbor Rescue facility is her dream to combine her passion of the most vulnerable people and animals by providing a safe haven and education.  Her programs will consist of Anti-Bullying and Anti-Cruelty education.

-Certified 5th degree Black Belt Instructor for children and adults.
-Degree in Elementary Education

-Certified in Child Psychology

-Certified in Early Childhood Education

-Certified Veterinary Assistant

-Certified in CPR,AED & First Aid

George & Rosa Costa

Christopher Santoro is a proud veteran, having served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. He has a wide spectrum professional life inclusive of creative/artistic endeavors,

management sales, achitectural and landscape, architectural design and commercial driving. Licensed in the areas of armed security, security & safeguarding as well as handgun proficiency. Certified CPR & AED

Christopher volunteers his time at fundraisers as well as used his expertise with the computer to create the Heart Harbor Rescue logo, music video, as well as making a computer layout of the future Heart Harbor Rescue facility.


Florida Live Entertainment/SlouMo Live Entertainment


George and Rosa live in Miami where Kelly does most of her rescues. They have the same love and passion for animals and work daily to help keep the strays in the area fed, as well as help with food and medical. They work together with Kelly to do rescues of dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens and help with fostering and finding other rescues that can help facilitate them. They help Kelly build kennels and safe havens for the rescues that can help facilitate them. Most of the animals rescued are feral and they have to be dealt with over time as a trust must be built to catch them.They work with these animals along with me until we can get them in a safe haven.

​Christopher Santoro


Wendell Young and Liz Lawton Young of Florida Live Entertainment are musicians who live in Pompano Beach, Florida. They are also part of the Live Stream Entertainment Network. For the past 3 years they have enjoyed meeting and interviewing the hottest bands in the tri county area. After interviewing Kelly Gallagher Shannon at a charity function, Wendell and Liz quickly realized that they wanted to donate their time to Heart Harbor Rescue. It took some time but they came up with an idea to include Heart Harbor Rescue on The Florida Live Show. They also provide social media support.