Handsome had been a stray for several years and ended up being the Father to Honey.  Handsome never left her side.  Honey's Mom was hit by a car so Handsome kept Honey safe.  Since we found them roaming on our block, my neighbors and I have tried to catch them so we could give them a forever home.  We tried for over a year.  To find out that Animal Control had been trying to trap Handsome for 5 years.  He is just too savy to be caught.  We wanted to at least get honey before she got pregnant, we didn't have any success.  She ended up having 4 puppies, 3 died at birth and the only survivor was born in my bushes.  Honey carried her around for 3 weeks trying to keep her safe and I tried to keep up so that the puppy wouldn't be taken or killed.  Honey(Mom) finally took her to an abandoned house a few doors down from me.  I heard comotion so I went over to find out that Honey and Handsome had been run off and locked out of the yard.  I knew the puppy was somewhere so I went over and found the puppy under the house.  I took her back to my house trying to leave her scent so that Honey would find her.  She did.  The challenge was getting Honey to go to my backyard where I had built a pen so she could nurse and raise her puppy.  My hope was to give thme both a forever home. Honey's love for her puppy was stronger than her fear so she followed me to the pen.  Honey would Jump the fence daily but would always return to nurse her puppy that I named Hannah.  I would bring the puppy in at night with me so that she would get used to people and my other rescues.  As you can see in the pictures she loved the other dogs and she was very comfortable with my Grandsons.  Honey (Mom) nursed Hannah for 12 weeks, she faithfully came back to nurse and play with her puppy but would not stay.  Hannah is 11 months old now and is a part of my family now.  Her siblings Duke, Blackie and her cousen Taz all love her.  

The hardest part of this rescue is the fact that no matter how I tried and my neighbors we could not get Handsome or Honey to stay.  They stick around the area, we keep them fed and give oral treatent for fleas and ticks but they won't let anyone touch them.

I know how much Honey loves her puppy as she trusted me enough to take her, pick her up, take her to the Vet and she never tried to hurt me or my neighbors.  Honey still comes to visit and play wth her baby, but she simply will not stay.  All the neighbors on the block have just accepted Handsome and Honey as roamers and we all keep them fed.    I haven't given up on her or Handsome, I'm hoping in time and with age they will realize a permanent home is better than roaming.

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Hannah 11 months loves her baby stuffed dog the only toy she doesn't tear up.

Handsome, Honey and Hannah's

Love Story