The one with the bad eye is Wayne, the other black kitten is Shayne and the white kitten is Pearl..

A Momma Cat had kittens under my neighbors shed. 

Not sure how many she had, but three were found alive. 

The Momma had the kittens out and they encountered

a raccoon. While defending her kittens the Momma cat

got killed. Two of the kittens got away, but one kitten

received a serious eye injury.

These three kittens were dumped in a hole on the corner of my

block.  They where only about 3 weeks old.  There were two that

looked alike  Shamus and Shelby and an orange one I called Marmalade.  Unfortunately, Marmalade died on the way to the

Vet for treatment.
When I got Shamus and Shelby to the Vet they had ring worm

real bad and loaded with parasites.  I had to keep them in for two months for treatment and hand feed util they were old enough to

eat on their own.  Their treatments cost 700.00 dollars, but they

both made a great recovery and our doing great now.
Pictures attached are when they were kittens and now. 

They free roam on my property.

 Once I was able to get them from under the shed, which

took a week for them to come out, I took them all to the

vet to be treated.  They were treated for parasites and

received their vaccines.  Shayne and Pearl were healthy

overall.  Wayne had a bad eye.  He was treated with

antibiotics first to see if it was just an infection, but after

a couple weeks of treatment it was determined it was more

serious.  Since it would not heal we decided to remove

the eye.  When they removed it they discovered that there

was a hole in the eye possibly caused by the Raccoon.

 All three siblings are living on my property now healthy

 and happy.  All of them have been spayed and neutered.
 I was able to get all three of them spayed/neutered for

free but the medical treatment for all three including the
 surgery came to $1730.00 dollars. 

Heart Harbor Rescue will not let any animal suffer.

Most of the animals rescued have some kind of

injury or illness that has to be treated.
Heart Harbor Rescue's mission is to cut down the
population of unwanted cats and kittens, to stop their
suffering and to medically treat them so there is not a
spread of disease.