To nuture a positive attitude in the most vulnerable children and adults by allowing them to interact with rescued animals and each other in a manner which fosters empathy and compassion.

Mission & Vision statement

​​​​​​​​Heart Harbor Rescue Inc. (HHR) has been established to work as a partner with other rescue groups and individuals to save animals and educate people about anti-cruelty, care, and compassion for animals.  Heart Harbor Rescue is a TNR (trap, neuter and release) program.  

Our goal is to spay and neuter abandoned, stray and feral free roaming cats to manage the population in several colonies in Miami.  HHR provides medical treatment to any sick or injured cat or kitten prior to release in their colony or community and provides food daily to these communities.  Until we achieve or dream rescue facility,  stray dogs or puppies that  Heart Harbor Rescue's, we work with and coordinate with other rescues to house, spay, neuter, vaccinate and give any medical treatment necessary until a forever home can be found.  HHR is working towards receiving funds, materials and grants from benefactors who believe in the goals and vision of Heart Harbor Rescue to build a rescue facility.  Until this goal is realized, HHR will continue to save lives One Heart at a time!

Improving the lives of children, adults and animals one heart at a time.

Our Vision:
To establish a safe haven facility that will house, care for/rehabilitate/adopt out abandoned and abused animals, and/or board due to owners illness/convalescence, domestic problems and military deployment.Future vision for Heart Harbor Rescue is to not only provide a safe haven for dogs, cats and small domesticated animals, but for horses, farm animals and birds.This facility will also provide seminars that will nurture a positive attitude through education on care and compassion by allowing children and adults to interact with rescue animals in a way that will foster empathy and compassion. We will also provide an anti-bullying and self-defense program to help develop confidence in the most vulnerable children and adults so that they can avoid and stand up to bullying against people and animals.

Our Mission

Our Purpose

We offer workshops for anti-bullying.

Our Values

Prevention of cruelty and abuse to children, adults and animals through education, training and rescue

Heart Harbor Rescue Facility Concept-1st floor.

We provide resources for caring for pets

Does your child get bullied at School? Does your child "really" know how to deal with strangers? A stalker tries to grab your daughter. Does she know how to defend herself? If the answer to any of the above is NO, then you have come to the right place...

Heart Harbor Rescue Facility Concept-2nd Floor